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Renters Insurance

Insurance for Renters Explained

Insurance for Renters is designed for all who reside in apartments, condos or homes that, as the name suggests, are being rented. Landlords do have their own insurance for properties they own, but this coverage is not applicable to belongings and liability for those who are renting from them.

What it Covers

When one buy renters’ coverage, it functions not too differently from homeowner’s insurance- Renters with this insurance will file a claim for any covered losses that occur and, upon completion of a review process, will be compensated for most if not all expenses incurred. At the very least, this kind of insurance can protect one from losses with personal property, like clothing, furniture, electronics and computers, appliances, etc. Many policies will also cover losses from weather related events such as severe storms, hail, lightning, freezes, ice, snow or sleet and damage and more. Coverage protection can also be obtained for incidents that are not the result of weather, like vandalism, burglary, vehicle and aircraft caused damage and fire.

Other Benefits

One of the big pluses of good renters insurance is that should your home become unlivable due to a mishap, the coverage can compensate you for living expenses associate with hotel or lodging stays. These living expenses will normally also include food and other necessary purchases.
Many policies also offer extraordinary liability coverage, which can help protect you and your family from the costs resulting from litigation taken out against you for an injury that happens on the property in which you reside. There is even coverage for guests staying with you for medical issues arising from injuries on your property.

More Options

When investing in this kind of insurance protection, renters can also obtain riders (or extra coverage) for protection of personal belongings that are of high value like expensive jewelry items, collectibles, coins and other things that would not usually be covered under a standard policy. Other special additions that for many would be quite applicable include may flood and hurricane protection, more comprehensive theft coverage and even the option for full replacement of new items at current pricing levels.